Preserve Summer’s Herbs for Winter’s Cooking

07/31/2014 Ken Lain, mountain gardener

This week’s photo shows a sphinx moth enjoying the nectar of a Miss Huff lantana. Sphinxes are beautiful as adults, but as youngsters (in their worm stage) they devastate any and all tomato and pepper plants. Local gardeners know that…

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Keep Plants Lookin’ Good by Pinchin’ Them!

07/24/2014 Ken Lain, mountain gardener

We are well into July, and its elevated humidity presents the right climate to give growing things a much-needed pick-me-up. Landscape plants are somewhat scrawny, starving, and ready to lap up whatever the monsoons deliver. Coupled with the right food,…

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Red Gaillardia

07/20/2014 Ken Lain, mountain gardener

Red Gaillardia, gaillardia grandiflora, new for 2014! Deep double red blooms make this an exciting perennial breakthrough. Blooms beautifully for months on end, even in its first season! The perfect foot tall and equally wide plant that show off consistent…

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Let’s Feed Our Gardens and Plant Hardy Vines

07/16/2014 Ken Lain, mountain gardener

If you haven’t fertilized your yard within the last few weeks, the start of the monsoon season is the time to feed for increased summer blooms. This is especially important for plants stressed by spider mites, from being wind whipped,…

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Red Flame Grape

07/11/2014 Ken Lain, mountain gardener

Red Flame Grape, Vitis vinifera, melts in your mouth! Firm, fully ripe grapes have a pleasant seedless taste with no tough skins. Produces an amazing 30+ clusters of fruit per vine. Planting Tip: In an area the is hot and…

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Monsoon Rains Bring Best Planting Season

07/09/2014 Ken Lain, mountain gardener

The month of June is filled with brutal days for all plants. With a prevailing southwesterly wind, 0% humidity, and no precipitation, plants are utterly dependent on their gardeners. By the end of the month plants are exhibiting smaller leaves,…

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Summer Shade Sweepstakes Winners

07/08/2014 Ken Lain, mountain gardener

Congratulations to our Summer Shade Tree winners! Cindy Chartier Laipple Elaine Vang Karen Carman Cheyenne DeLance Fortner-Wilson Terri Farneti Thank you to everyone who participated ~ it was a lot of fun and we look forward to seeing the trees…

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Landscape Worth More than Its Good Looks

07/02/2014 Ken Lain, mountain gardener

The American dream long has been the pursuit of happiness and owning our own homes.  This week Americans will celebrate our country’s independence; most will do it with family and the classic cookout/picnic in the backyards of our own homes.…

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