10 Things to do with Autumn Leaves

10/30/2014 Ken Lain, mountain gardener

Autumn Blaze Maple is the larger of the two red-leafed trees showing off right now, trees that are the pets of local gardeners. This is the hardiest of the shade-sized maple trees that also turn red in autumn. Think Canadian…

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To Keep Carved Pumpkins Lookin’ Good

10/24/2014 Ken Lain, mountain gardener

Carved pumpkins look their best one to two days after carving and rarely look good after seven days. Pumpkins begin decomposing from harmless bacteria and fungi in the air and on the carver’s hands. To avoid transferring bacteria to the…

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Turn to Sprouts when Weather turns Cold

10/18/2014 Ken Lain, mountain gardener

This is a frustrating time for vegetable gardeners because the season is so short. Conveniently, November is the start of sprouting season for gardens that are relegated to the indoors. Many edible plants can be sprouted indoors and used as…

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8 Essential Steps to a Healthy Autumn Landscape

10/16/2014 Ken Lain, mountain gardener

This week’s photo is for the outdoorsmen who read this column. Imagine nine men on Lake Powell fishing, and you’ll have the setting for our experience. The seven pound twins pictured were only the beginning to a successful catch. By…

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Fall Foliage Ripe for Mountain Planting

10/09/2014 Ken Lain, mountain gardener

As autumn returns to the high country, trees and shrubs show off one last time before they hibernate in preparation for spring. Today’s column highlights the new, the improved, and the unusual fall colors that we can bring to our…

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Top Ten Tips for October Gardens

10/02/2014 Ken Lain, mountain gardener

As temperatures begin to dip, it is tempting to take a break from gardening and simply let Mother Nature take her course, but with just a little effort we can give our gardens some autumn color and great jump-starts for…

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