7 Gardening Tips for Year’s End

11/27/2014 Ken Lain, mountain gardener

The days grow short as we move into the last of the 2014 garden season. This is a time to relax, sip some tea while warming your feet by the fire, and reflect on our gardening successes and near misses.…

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Thanksgiving in our Gardens

11/20/2014 Ken Lain, mountain gardener

Thanksgiving is just days away, family and friends are ready to gather, and landscapes are dormant, bare, and almost ugly. But they don’t have to be that way if we keep in mind that the eye naturally is drawn to…

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Man Tackles Christmas tree and still Stands

11/18/2014 Ken Lain, mountain gardener

Man Tackles Christmas tree and still Stands Keeping a Christmas tree straight in a stand is a challenge. A man could tackle a tree with this new Christmas tree stand and it still wouldn’t go over! It’s the best…

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Hummingbird moth flying over Autumn Sage in Bloom

11/14/2014 Ken Lain, mountain gardener

Hummingbird moth flying over Autumn Sage in Bloom An outstanding small evergreen shrub for hot, sunny, low water gardens! Prolific, magenta-red flowers attract hummingbirds over along season. Open, airy habit blends well with western natives and xeriscape plants. Low,…

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Gardening with Deer and Rabbits

11/13/2014 Ken Lain, mountain gardener

  Holiday Gift Cards Now Available Online With their large eyes, subtle colors, and graceful movements, deer really are mesmerizing to people. However, as our town grows, encounters with these majestic creatures are more frequent and…

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Cool Nights Invite Pesky Black Gnats Indoors

11/06/2014 Ken Lain, mountain gardener

A couple of weeks ago we dispersed the final applications of plant food to keep our landscapes health through winter. At the same time “Crabgrass and Weed Preventer” was applied to keep winter-growing weeds away until spring. This week the…

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