The Ultimate Guide to Planting a Privacy Screen

05/31/2019 Ken Davis

By Ken Lain, the mountain gardener June is an ideal time to plant a new living wall.  With the building boom currently in full swing, privacy is a hot topic at the garden center. Without strategically placed evergreens in the…

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Container Garden Mistakes to Avoid

05/22/2019 Ken Davis

by Ken Lain, the mountain gardener Whether you are new to container gardening or have years of experience; there probably is something you’ll find valuable in this article. In order of which they are most often encountered, here are the…

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Blooming Plants that Flow Out of Containers

05/15/2019 Ken Davis

by Ken Lain, the mountain gardener While tall plants that thrill the senses might be where you start with a container garden, they aren’t the most critical bloom in the pot. Plants that flow, spill and erupt out of your…

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Sow & Grow Peppers Like a Pro

05/10/2019 Ken Davis

by Ken Lain, the mountain gardener I’m a salsa gardener, and proud of it! The bulk of my gardens are dedicated to tomatoes, tomatillos, cilantro, onions, chives, and peppers. Yum-m-m!  I like grilled peppers, peppers eaten out-of-hand fresh from the…

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Aqua Boost

05/07/2019 Ken Davis

Doubles the time between watering and cuts water use by 50%Crystals hold 200 times their weight in waterInfused with 7 different mychorrhizal spores the encourage better root structureBig bold tomatoes and veggies without the stretch marksFlowers that last, grow roots…

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2019 Best Roses of the Year

05/03/2019 Ken Davis

by Ken Lain, the mountain gardener Roses that grow best. Are roses easy to grow? When to buy a rose bush.  What is the prettiest rose? World’s prettiest flower this year. Do floribunda roses bloom all summer? How to keep…

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