Plant Of The Week

Easter Baskets

  • Spring has sprung and time for some celebratory Easter color.
  • The garden center is stocked full of these big bold flowers grow to perfection.
  • The key to success? Abundant flowers! Everything must mesh, intertwine and spill. The more colors, the merrier.
  • We have grown 200 of these festive baskets that are the epitome of happiness.
  • At just 19.99 these large flowers baskets are grown to lift the spirit of the gardener within, overflowering with flowers so nicely they make a perfect gift for neighbors, moms, pastors or a good friend.
  • Don’t forget to treat yourself to spring flowers as well. These locally grown baskets are only available until Easter Sunday and all for under $20 bucks.
Watters Garden Center, 1815 Iron Springs Road in Prescott,
Where people who love colorful Easter Baskets, they love to shop.


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