Cabbage Patch – Grow your own!

02/24/2016 | Ken Lain, mountain gardener Plant Care, Uncategorized

These heads wear many hats – red, wrinkled, crinkled, uprighCabage seed packaget and strong. Cabbage grows best in fertile, rich soil with good drainage, consistent moisture, and full Arizona sun. Cabbage is best grown in early spring when the weather is cool and sweetened with a nip of frost, even a light snow. Therefore, plan your sowing based on the best weather for harvesting, then using the days to maturity, count back to the ideal sowing date, which starts locally March 1st.

Watters has local organic seed and starter plants in stock right now, and ready to go in your garden. Visit us for more localized plant knowledge and starting your own cabbage patch.cabbage seed package purplecabbage seed package upright

2 Replies to “Cabbage Patch – Grow your own!”

  1. Cabbages have grown great in Cordes, but they get wiped out by one bug or another. We have a big problem with Squash Bugs, which we have been remarkably unable to quelch. Any ideas on this part of growing cabbage (and squash)?

    1. Squash bugs-Capt. Jack Deadbugs Brew is a nice organic that works, but sometimes you have to bring in the guns and use Watters Multi purpose spray. Not organic, but can be used on vegetables. It’s probably more effective. Fighting insects on vegetables just requires awareness and persistent use of products.

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