Purple Leaf Plum
  • This AZ plum is the ideal small purple tree between evergreens.
  • Blooms in a profusion of pink flowers that precede the deep purple foliage.
  • Large enough to use as a front yard tree, and behaved enough to use as a street tree.
  • Plant pairs flanking gateways, driveways or in orchard-like rows to screen a view of neighbors.

How to Grow Purple Leaf Plum


White Nite Candytuft
  • Masses of fragrant white blooms cover mounds of green foliage.
  • Extreme heat and cold tolerant, this award-winner repeatedly blooms without deadheading for super easy care.
  • Butterflies, Bees and Hummingbirds are going to love your backyard again.

How to Grow Candytuft




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These Plants are the Perfect April Companions

Perfume Lilac
  • The fragrance will remind you of visits to Grandmother’s house.
  • A truly outstanding lilac for the large flowers and captivating fragrance, and super easy to grow.
  • She is in a class by herself even in the hottest of sun locations.
  • In fact, the more sun she receives the more flowers you will have.

How to Grow Lilac

  • The perfect mountain perennial with huge fiery flowers on a compact plant.
  • She loves the heat and is super drought hardy.
  • You can count on this bloomer to show off all summer long in raised beds, containers, or directly in the ground.
  • Javelina and rabbit proof, this bloomer is a ‘must-have.’ Arizona plant.

How To Grow Gaillardia

Songbird Columbine
Song Bird Columbine
  • This graceful beauty dances in the shade of the garden, holding its head high and smiling back at you.
  • Few Plants stand so bright in the cooler parts of the garden.
  • This bloomer comes back each spring with lacy green foliage promptly followed by an amazing two-tone flower.
  • An excellent cut flower that is both Deer and Rabbit resistant.
  • So hardy some varieties naturally call Arizona home.

How to Grow Columbine

California Poppy
California Poppy
  • These silky beauties look delicate, but really one of the toughest flowers in the gardens.
  • Vivid colors of orange, red, pink, and white are ideal for the hard-to-grow areas in the yard.
  • You are going to love your backyard again.
  • The ideal blooming companion for the month of April.

How to Grow California Poppy