Coral Beauty Cotoneaster

08/10/2014 | Ken Lain, mountain gardener Landscaping, Shrubs, Uncategorized

coral-beauty cotoneasterCotoneaster dammeri.  Ideally suited to flow over embankments and raised beds. An outstanding groundcover with dense foot tall branches covered with shiny evergreen leaves. The foliage is tinged in purple through autumn that enhance the profusion of cranberry type berries. Give this low water user plenty of room, because she spreads over 6 feet wide by one foot tall. Good on banks and to cover large open areas of rock in hot sunny locations. Plant with confidence, this cute evergreen rarely gets bugs, while rabbit, deer and other vermin don’t like the taste either. The monsoon season is an ideal time to plant ground covers.

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  1. Actually, I am not human . . . I am a Pollack. ha ha ha ha ha
    We are curious about the Coral Beauty Cotoneaster. Is it something that is hardy and will survive in Prescott? What type of soil does it need? When you say it grows 6 ft. wide, is it both ways or only one way 6 ft.?
    Thanks for your quick response.

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