Creatures of the Night Alight on Watters Garden Center – August 12

08/03/2017 | Ken Davis Birds, In the Garden, Insect, Insects, Press Release

Owls and bats rule the night skies of Arizona, and they’re great for the garden –and the environment!

On August 12, the Arizona’s Raptor Experience descends once again on Watters Garden Center to showcase “The Benefits of Attracting Owls and Bats.” Paul and Anne Schnell will share effective methods of enticing the winged wonders to your yard and the amazing ecological benefits they provide in a free demonstration. They will also explain fact vs. fiction, and dispel common myths about these essential animals. The event will be held at 9:30 am at the garden center at 1815 Iron Springs Road in Prescott.

Owl PhotoParticipants will have a chance to get up close with four species of live owls featured in the presentation, and learn about they can help protect owl and bat habitats statewide. Arizona is home to 13 different species of owls and 28 different species of bats that are facing increasing threats from habitat degradation, disease, the introduction of non-native species, and climate change.  These nocturnal predators play vital roles in our environment and agriculture as pollinators and for the natural, chemical-free pest control they provide. One bat can eat 1,000 insects per hour, and a family of Barn Owls can eat 4,000 rodents just in the breeding season alone!Bat House

Bring your camera and curiosity. Free to the gardening public, but ‘free will donations’ are encouraged to support more of Arizona’s Raptor Experience’s programs.

Arizona’s Raptor Experience’s mission is to use hands-on educational opportunities to help foster a connection between people and nature. Their goal is to spark a lifelong curiosity about the environment and instill the desire to practice conservation of the earth’s rapidly dwindling natural resources.

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