Doug Arthur, ACNP, Receives Highest Degree Awarded Garden Center, Professionals

Doug Arthur

The degree of Arizona Certified Nursery Professional, ACNP, means working over two years as a professional in a garden center, greenhouse, or botanical garden, and extremely prestigious among those in horticulture. In partnership with the Arizona Nursery Associations, Maricopa Community College created this program to test plant skills. It proves all aspects of garden knowledge from tissue cultures, fertilizer details, insect expertise, water, soils, and the most intimate plant details.

After many years in the printing industry, Doug Arthur retired, including time as a Watters preferred printing vendor. He made a career change and followed his passion by joining the Watters team. A Master Gardener, Doug delights in sharing his love of plants with customers and staff alike. Ask him about local trees, shrubs, or how to obliterate Spittle Bug, and you’re sure to receive a fun garden lesson.

Students are mesmerized when Doug teaches at one of Watters weekly garden classes. “I learn something new every time he’s in front of a class,” says McKenzie Lain, 3rd generation owner of Watters.

Due to a mysterious Pickle Ball injury, Doug puts Michael Phelps to shame swimming at the Prescott Lakes pool or traveling with his wife and family.

Doug Arthur is the lead garden designer and plant ambassador at Watters Garden Center, receiving his privileged status with an ANCP degree. Not only did he pass the grueling 4-hour test, but he passed with an amazingly high score.

“When you can identify a plant, recite the Latin name, where it ideally grows, and how to design a landscape around that plant, you are a real plant professional,” says Lisa, Watters-Lain, owner of Watters Garden Center.

Doug helps gardeners at the Watters Garden Center, but his real passion is garden design. He is Watters lead onsite horticulturalists visiting homes and designing beautiful landscapes in Prescott.  “It’s unusual to have one or two ACNP on staff at a garden center, and we now have five,” says Ken Lain, Watters owner. “Landscape style with the right plants is a passion, and this degree exemplifies their expertise.”