Frost Warning above 4700 feet!

04/26/2014 | Ken Lain, mountain gardener Plant Care

Be very careful tonight through Sunday April 27th.  Most frost damage occurs to plants exposed to the first clear night after a spring storm.  Make sure plants are well hydrated this evening and brought under the protection of a patio, carport or garage the next couple nights.  Landscape plants with new foliage or those just in the ground should be covered through the evening hours with burlap, sheets, a box, or professional grade ‘NuVue Plant Covers’ sold at the garden center.

YouTube example at the garden center

Frost Protecting Plants from spring freeze
Looks like the weather clears and becomes nice again on Monday. Protect and cover until then.
PS:  The Daily Courier Kills Garden Guy . . . the inside story

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  1. Thanks for the warning, Ken. Old Farmers still says don’t plant before Mother’s Day, and I believe ’em; but, at least you have us who went against those instructions “covered.”

    Oh, say. Since Sue and I moved out to Skull Valley, we’ve discovered more than one nesting pair of Eastern Cardinals on the lovely Oasis Ranch where we’re now renting. We fell in love with the Cardinals along the C&O Canal in the D.C. area back East, and are so delighted to again hear their wonderful call and see that striking red plummage. Come visit us and get a glimpse yourself!!!

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