Garden Class – Grape, Brambles & Blueberries to the Kitchen

03/23/2015 | Ken Lain, mountain gardener Classes, Fruit Trees

BlueberriesStudents learn the best grapes, berries and all things vegetable along with plant foods and an ever increasing harvest. Dozens and dozens of fruiting varieties will be on hand and all the professionals to help you increase the eats in your landscape. 10% coupon off any fertilizer, sprays and pest controls mentioned at the class.

2 Replies to “Garden Class – Grape, Brambles & Blueberries to the Kitchen”

  1. Hi. I’m wondering if you have or will be getting the following plants:
    Epazote Chayote Squash Black Krim Tomatoes
    Passion Flower bush cucumbers

    And are you open on Sunday?


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