Gilt Edge Silverberry

10/13/2013 | Ken Lain, mountain gardener Evergreen shrubs, Tips, Uncategorized

Today’s 30 second plant tip of the day is on: Gilt Edge Silverberry Elaeagnus


Splendid golden-yellow margins on foliage year-round. Superb hedge or low screen tolerates heat, wind and requires little maintenance. Silvery flowers are tiny but fragrant; red fall fruit. Evergreen.

Design Ideas:
With its brilliant coloring, this plant is a bright specimen in partially shaded gardens in need of excitement. Also good against darker backgrounds and for welcome color late in the year when flowering plants are through. A great way to interrupt long runs of dull foliage. Use sparingly when interplanting with other yellow, yellow-green or gray-green plants.


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  1. An I plant this in full sun? Your guys are coming to plant them this Friday, along with privet bushes.

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