Orange Storm Flowering Quince – Chaenomeles speciosa

03/15/2016 | Ken Lain, mountain gardener Plant Care, Uncategorized

Plant of the week is the Double Take Quince. A better flowering quince with double flowers that are double the sizes. This new vaquince orange stormriety produces spectacular flowers with intense orange and red color your mother only dreamed of. This Watters select quince is thornless, produces no fruit and easy to grow. Growing to only hip high this deer proof shrub loves hot sun, lives on little to no water in tough soils all for under $36.  If you want to plant something showy, this is the show stopper of spring.


2 Replies to “Orange Storm Flowering Quince – Chaenomeles speciosa”

  1. Treat for pine scale, especially pines that is far away from water on property. Hard to reach all pines with a hose. Animal friendly?

    1. I grew flowering quince in Skull Valley next to a dirt driveway, very hot and exposed to the elements and animals. Animals didn’t eat it, I never remember bug issues and bloomed every spring without fail. Great mountain plants:)

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