Photo Contest Results

08/21/2013 | Ken Lain, mountain gardener Press Release, Uncategorized

Congratulations to the winners are our photo contest!

Mighty Wisteria Backyard Color Mini Vineyard
#1 Mighty Wisteria ~ Jane H Backyard Color ~ Jess B Mini Vineyard ~ Jag F
pug-tunias Garden Oasis
Pugtunias ~ Cindy M Garden Oasis ~ Jo A

And our other submissions, included:

Moth on Salvia Butterfly on Coneflower Sunflower ~ Nicole R
Moth on Salvia ~ T. L. Butterfly on Coneflower Sunflower ~ Nicole R
Gladiola Butterfly Accents
Colorful Gladiola ~ Jessica L. Butterfly Crossing

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  1. I’m ready with a photo for the zucchini photo contest but don’t see any way to enter it…either from the website or the email two days ago. Guess I’m too early (it IS the 6th)?

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