Plant Tip – Cora Vinca

07/28/2013 | Ken Lain, mountain gardener Flowers, Uncategorized

30 Second Plant Tip of the day on Cora Vinca:

Cora Vinca is a new series of F1 hybrid Vinca (also known as periwinkles) bred by Goldsmith Seeds. The big, new, innovative, extraordinary, etc. thing about the Cora series is its resistance to Aerial Phytophthora. Phytophthora is a fungus that affects bedding plants and usually starts with a wilted stem that progresses to a wilted plant that dies with in 1-2 weeks of the first wilted stem. Phytophthora flourishes in cool (less that 75 degrees), wet conditions. Frequent, unnecessary overhead irrigation and heavy fertilization contribute to the disease. If you’ve had vinca die it was probably due to the phytophthora fungus.

Did you catch that landscapers? That means that Cora Vinca is less likely to die on you than other varieties of vinca. Cora loves the heat (like all vinca do) and has a more uniform habit that is less prone to stretching or looking leggy. It looks great all season and requires little or no maintenance.