Pampas Grass

09/08/2023 | Ken Davis

Pampas Grass Close up

  • Dwarf Pampas Grass blends into a desert or Mediterranean landscape well.
  • The ivory- colored plumes reach well above the foliage and offer an architectural look around patios and ponds.
  • Well suited as a visual barrier or hedge in the far reaches of the garden.
  • Plant with other bold forms like Agave and Yucca or keep it the standout plant amongst evergreen shrubs and perennials.
  • A beautiful landscape specimen prized for its handsome fall flowers.
  • The long stalks of dramatic, creamy white plumes are held above the dense clump of green foliage.
  • This perennial grass is wind and drought tolerant and provides a showy windbreak or screen.
  • The smaller dwarf form is well-suited to smaller gardens and landscapes.

How to Grow Pampas Grass