Food Insecurities Overwhelm Community Cupboard

05/08/2020 Mike Payson


Prescott Frontier Rotary

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Food Insecurities Overwhelm Community Cupboard

May 8, 2020, Prescott, Arizona – For the past 50 years, the Community Cupboard has served Yavapai County, but 2020 is different. Serving food to locals in need is our passion, but since March, we have been overwhelmed by 2000 people and giving away over 13,000 pounds of food, and the cupboard is running dry. We need help!

Prescott Frontier Rotary, through the strong leadership of Brandon Montoya, is also the 2020 Rotary president, they are filling the cupboards with food. “This is what Rotary is famous for, helping not only our local community but making the world a better place,” says President Montoya. We put the call out to our members, and they are reaching out to their connections in the community. That’s why we love Watters Garden Center, and Olsens for Healthy Animals so much. They are model Rotarians with a lot of connections when it counts.

Prescott Frontier Rotary is launching a food drive to completely restock what Community Cupboard has already given away and then some. We need the entire community to help us fill the food baskets on May 15 and 16 from 10 to 5 pm both days.

The need is great for all non-perishable canned items like vegetables, meat, and fish, soup, peanut butter, and jelly. Dry goods like pasta, beans, rice, and cereals are also much needed right away.

Drive-by drop off points have been established at both Rotary member locations at Watters Garden Center and Olsen’s for Healthy Animals. “We are converting our recycle bin for used growers pots and using this pallet-sized bin to help with the food drive,” said Ken Lain, owner of Watters Garden Center. “The bin will be in the parking lot, obvious, and you shouldn’t need to get out of your car.” The same will be at Olsen’s.

“For those that don’t want to shop, we are also accepting donations through our Foundation,” says Mike Payson, Rotary Community Projects Manager. “Make checks out to Prescott Frontier Rotary club, through our solid connections, we’ll do all the shopping for you, but we need your help.” Checks can be mailed to Prescott Frontier Rotary, PO Box 1903, Prescott, AZ 86302 for a tax credit.

When: Friday and Saturday, May 15 and 16, from 10 am to 5 pm.

Where: Olsen’s for Healthy Animals, 711 Elrod Rd., Prescott

Watters Garden Center, 1815 W. Iron Springs Rd., Prescott