Now Hiring – Nursery Sales People for Spring

01/31/2017 Ken Lain, mountain gardener

Objective  –  Application Link Here

Go out of your way to welcome customers; finding new ways to interact with shoppers. Nursery workers 2Ensure customers receive the best possible plant for their landscape with the garden additives that insure their success. Able and willing to sell add-on items to garden project. Up-sell to larger specimen plants, multiple units for better designs. Increase plant success by selling mulch, plant food, Root & Grow with as many plants as possible. Ability to increase the average sale of the store.

Supervises: Great Customer Service is counseling customers towards the best plants and how to increase success in their garden. Help customers succeed in the garden.


Official greeter on the sales floor. Insures proper greeting when customer comes within 10 feet of sales person with direct eye contact and a friendly welcome

Find ways to establish rapport with customers

Determine garden needs

Match services & products with customer needs

Follow up on delivery as needed

Willing to sell trees, shrubs, vines, vegetables and flowers with the tie-in sales for these products.

Ability to learn about products you are not sure of

Attend and participate in staff training sessions on product knowledge

Assist in the creation and maintenance of merchandising displays and end caps

Keep assigned areas weed free, organized, properly signed and trash picked up

Maintain assigned plant materials. Keep plants pruned, cleaned, fertilized, bug free and dead headed for best quality of the plants

Keeping plants in rowed, organized and reset periodically, especially as new plants arrive each week

Helping to answer the telephone within 3 rings and answer questions

Assist in the inventory and maintenance of plant material


Two-year horticulture degree or two years experience in the green industry

Past selling experience a positive


Extensive knowledge of plants, planting and materials necessary to maintain healthy plants

Enjoy being with people and helping them with garden successes

Selling Skills and ability