Watters Celebrates 57 Years of Garden Classes

02/05/2019 Ken Davis

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PRESCOTT, AZ, January 8, 2019 The turn to a new year starts an entirely new series of free garden classes each season.  This year is no exception.  Since the garden centers start Watters has offered free garden classes every Saturday at 9:30 in the morning.

A small business must be famous for something to open our doors for the past 57 years.  “Our philosophy from the very beginning is be known as the local garden expert, then teach others how to be the same.” originally said Harold Watters, found of the company.

“As the second-generation owner of the garden center we don’t want to change what has made us famous all these years,” says Lisa Watters-Lain.  “We have some inspiring classes lined up for 2019.”

January 19  Happy, Healthy Houseplants – Houseplants brighten your home and lives, and even clean the air you breathe, but not all are created equal when growing in an arid climate like ours. You’ll have a list of the top houseplants best grown indoors and how to care for them after this class.

January 26  Wildflowers: Ready, set, grow! – Late winter is the ideal window to start wildflower seed outdoors, but you can’t just chuck them in the landscape and expect success.  We share all the local tips that ensure these bloomers blossom beautifully.

February 9  Gardening for Newcomers – This class is Gardening 101 for everyone hoping to turn a brown thumb green. Learn all the mountain secrets to local garden success from soil preparation and planting to watering and fertilizing.

February 16 Controlling Gophers and Other Annoying Animals – If you let these pests gain a foothold in the garden, they’re nearly impossible to clear out. Learn all the secrets to keeping these bothersome beasts at bay using both natural and human-made methods, and which plants are less appealing to their appetites.

February 23 Succulent and Cactus Container Design – Succulents are all the rage right now, and an excellent choice for container growing! Students learn how to create a container that brings warm color and texture to their homes even at the coldest time of the year.

The entire garden class schedule can be found at WattersGardenCenter.com .