Roses Explained – Four Major Rose Types

04/11/2016 | Ken Lain, mountain gardener Flowers, Shrubs, Tips

Which Rose Is Right For You? Roses can be grown in any location, and there are ketchup & mustard floribunda rosesizes that accommodate any landscape environment. There are too many sub-varieties to show them all here, but this column has space for a list of the four major rose types. This will help you choose the right variety for your garden.

Bush Roses
are the largest category. A familiar example of a bush rose is a hybrid tea, the most popular variety in the U.S. It is reliable, easy to care for, and new colors are introduced every year. Not as delicate as some rosebushes, they are good choices for first-time rose gardeners. Although this group has the largest individual flowers of all roses, the one drawback of some hybrid teas is their reduced fragrance.

Climbing Roses actually are misnamed because roses actually do not climb. Their rose joseph coatlong canes can be attached to supports such as trellises and arbors. There are two main types of climbers: Large climbers with thick canes that bloom all season like the Joseph’s Coat Rose, and the rambler with thinner canes and heavy clusters of flowers that cover the plant in early spring. A good example of a rambler is the Lady Banks Rose.


rose-knock-out-hedge[1]Shrub Roses are hardy and really easy to grow. They grow upright and have numerous canes that often are trimmed to create a sturdy hedge. They self prune and set new flower buds all by themselves, making shrub roses the perfect bushes for a hardy landscape. They can be a far more attractive deterrent to trespassing than a metal fence.

Groundcover Roses have a creeping habit. Their canes produce low-mounded plants. rose knock out in containerMuch like the shrub rose they repeat bloom without care from their owners. Growing only knee high they make excellent colored accents to soften rock lawns, yet are small enough to enjoy in containers and raised bed gardens.

You have to stop in and smell the roses here at Watters. No other plant elicits such universal pleasure from people who enjoy flowers.


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  1. Of the roses you listed here, I really like the climbing ones. I’d put them over the front of my home which has some outcrops to where the roses would be able to attach too. I’ll just have to find a place that sells them and then go from there.

    1. If you are located in Northern Arizona we have a great selection of roses. More are coming in every week.

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