7 Trees With Brilliant Fall Color + Bonus

10/27/2021 Ken Davis

by Ken Lain, the mountain gardener What trees have the prettiest fall colors? Fall color trees zone 7. What trees turn bright red in the fall? Small trees with fall color. What trees turn bright orange in the fall? What…

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How to Grow Prescott Autumn Blaze Maple

09/30/2020 Ken Davis

by Ken Lain, the mountain gardener The extreme growth of 3 feet or more each year. The fall color glows like embers in a blazing hot fire, thus the name. There is no better maple to plant in Arizona. It…

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Best Mountain Trees for Fall Color

09/27/2019 Ken Davis

By Ken Lain, the mountain gardener Not all trees are created equal when it comes to autumn colors, and this is their season. Autumn is also the ideal planting window for trees and tall shrubs. Increased garden success is had…

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