Healthy Herbs Best Grown in the Shade

04/14/2022 Ken Davis

by Ken Lain, the mountain gardener Organic herbs and vegetables are never genetically altered, grown to perfection, and picked fresh from your garden. There is nothing quite like biting into a fresh tomato warmed by the afternoon sun. Herbs are…

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A Healthy Evergreen Anyone Can Grow

03/04/2022 Ken Davis

by Ken Lain, the mountain gardener Its Latin name, Rosmarinus officinalis, means ‘dew of the sea,’ most associated with healthy Mediterranean cooking. Imagine tumbling Rosemary growing over a wall and spreading across a desert rock lawn. Ideally, this rugged mountain…

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9 Houseplants that Make a Kitchen Statement

10/01/2021 Ken Davis

by Ken Lain, the mountain gardener Add color, purify the air, and pick fresh produce year-round. Which indoor plant is good for the kitchen? Tall plants for the kitchen. Best plants for kitchen feng shui. Indoor plants that don’t need…

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Mosquitoes, Flies & Spiders are No Match for these Plants

05/26/2021 Ken Davis

by Ken Lain, the mountain gardener What plants keep mosquitoes and bugs away? Plants that repel aphids. Citronella plant. What plants repel bugs ants roaches? Perennial plants that repel mosquitoes. What indoor plants keep bugs away? Shade plants that repel…

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How to Grow Creeping Rosemary

02/25/2021 Ken Davis

The Tasty Evergreen Anyone Can Grow by Ken Lain, the mountain gardener Imagine growing Rosemary that tumbling over a wall or spreading across a dry rock lawn. This tough little gem is the perfect plant for garden walls, pots, banks,…

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5 Mountain Herbs You Only Plant Once

09/24/2020 Ken Davis

By Ken Lain, the mountain gardener Echinacea As we begin the ‘Fall Garden Season’ organic herbs and autumn vegetables overflow the garden center. This week’s column features the best herbs for your garden and the distinguishing characteristics of each. Deer,…

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Mountain Lavenders Explained and Simplified

07/09/2020 Ken Davis

by Ken Lain, the mountain gardener On the Go Answer – Readers Digest-type Condensed Version of this Article 17 types of Lavender grow locally: English, French, Spanish, sweet, fernleaf, and lavandin. Lavender grows best in the hot sun and well-drained…

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Mediterranean Flowers that Thrive Locally

04/12/2019 Ken Davis

by Ken Lain, the mountain gardener The mountains of Arizona have so many sunny days with moderate temperatures that people rarely need to wear more than light jackets.  Mild winters and dry hot summers, both with low humidity and irregular…

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Top 7 Herbs to Dry in October

10/05/2018 Ken Davis

Watters just received fresh herbs for Autumn planting.  Many herbs are best used when freshly picked, others taste better after they’re dried.   With so many herbs to choose from for our gardens, I’ve listed the seven herbs easiest to dry.…

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5 Best Perennial Herbs for Local Garden

08/04/2018 Ken Davis

by Ken Lain, the mountain gardener Many herbs can be planted once and left to grow for years. Perennial herbs take some of the heavy lifting out of garden design by coming back year after year, and they are always…

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