What’s the Best Way to Harvest Potatoes?

11/22/2015 Ken Davis

They Still Have Some Foliage Potatoes underground will continue to develop as long as there is foliage on top. So if you want potatoes now, dig what you need, but leave the rest in the ground. They’ll continue to grow,…

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Our Black Eyed Susan’s Looks Awful

11/15/2015 Ken Davis

If We Pull Them Up Will They Come Back Next Year? Don’t pull them up. Shear off all the nasty foliage and throw it away (in case of foliar diseases). They may re-grow a bit yet this fall. Same goes…

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What Can I do to Prevent My Autumn Joy Sedum From Flopping Over

11/08/2015 Ken Davis

1.) Place a grow ring or peony ring over them before they start to grow in the spring (for support), or 2.) Cut them in half in early June. This delays flowering by a couple weeks, but keeps them shorter,…

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Our Lawn Looks Pretty Good After This Summer. Can I Get By Without Feeding It?

10/24/2015 Ken Davis

NO WAY, JOSE! Don’t let the lawn looking pretty good after the summer fool you into not doing anything to it for the fall. I would guess you have some thin areas that could use some over seeding. If you…

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10/17/2015 Ken Davis

None! I know it’s hard to accept, but the spiders in the garden are our friends. They’re the good guys. They’re predators, and right now, they’re doing a fine job reducing the bug populations in our yards. So we do…

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Am I Supposed to Stop Feeding and Deadheading My Knockout Roses?

10/10/2015 Ken Davis

Yes, as a general rule of thumb, we’ll stop feeding roses as well as deadheading once we get into November. We want the roses to finish their blooming, stop growing, and begin to shut down for the winter. Leaving the…

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5 Steps to Long-Lasting Cut Flowers

10/03/2015 Ken Davis

Don’t you just love fresh flowers at home? Cosmos on the dining room or coffee table, bachelor’s button by the bathroom sink, or sunflowers on the bedroom bureau-but they can wilt after only a day or two. Follow these steps…

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Fall Garden Mums. Hardy or No?

09/19/2015 Ken Davis

Mums are ubiquitous in fall gardens. However for mums to be truly hardy, they are best planted in the spring. The mums for sale in fall nurseries have been coddled to set buds for September blooms and are putting an awful…

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Tomatoes Birds Eating Fruit

08/29/2015 Ken Davis

I have several tomato plants and as soon as one of the tomatoes get red and ripe almost ready to pick something comes along and takes bites out of it. I am pretty sure it is birds because it happens…

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