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Ladybugs – Do they Really Work in the Garden?

by Ken Lain, the mountain garden The aphids are thick in the garden.  Lisa and I were enjoying a sunset this week and the winged adults were so thick they were drawn to the flames of the firepit and polluted our iced teas.  Time to bring some ladybugs from the garden center.  We have ladybugs at the garden center or … Continue reading

The Great Ladybug Release at Watters Garden Center

Thousands of delicate, voracious hunters will be unleashed on unsuspecting pests at Watters Garden Center April 7, 8, and 9 at 2pm. Ladybugs are the most natural way to control aphids, scales, mealy bugs, white flies and mites NATURALLY! No deadly pesticides required! These colorful carnivores can eat 60 aphids per day, and live for years in the garden consumer … Continue reading

Herb Salt – Fun Recipe

We’ve recently discovered herb salts as savory, mouth-watering additions to recipes, and also as an ingenious way to prolong the life of fresh herbs. Salt preserves the herbs, and the herbs infuse the salts, making a flavor combo you can’t resist. Try herb salts on meats, roasted vegetables, popcorn, garlic bread, and even in your cocktails! With the holidays around … Continue reading

Fresh Dried Garden Tomatoes in Olive Oil

Nothing says summer like fresh, sun-ripened tomatoes from the garden! As many of us start our tomato seeds, we can also start thinking about the endless ways to enjoy these garden gems. One of our favorites is drying, for a sweet and tangy burst of tomato flavor that enlivens your favorite dishes. Some excellent varieties to consider for drying are … Continue reading

You Can’t “Beet” These Chips

Home-grown beets are delicious root vegetables, and the leaves are considered by some to be the best of all greens!  Roasting and pickling are traditional ways to prepare beets, but we’re marching to a different “beet” with these oven-baked beet chips! So quick and easy to make, you’ll even get the kiddos to enjoy them. INGREDIENTS: 2–3 whole beets (or … Continue reading

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