Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I was given a compost tumbler but I know very little about composting. How can I get started?
Q: Can you plant a perennial in a pot and will it come up each year?
Q: Can I use outdoor soil for indoor plants?
Q: Do I have to repot houseplants after I take them home or can I leave them in the nursery container?
Q: I recently transplanted it to a bigger pot but it hasn’t helped. I keep it by a window with lots of light but no direct sun. What can I do?
Q: My backyard only get the afternoon sun (Light Shade) Though things will grow, they grow slowly and will not produce fruit or flowers or flower. What plants would you recommend for this area?
Q: Do you sell a blueberry bush that will do well in Chino Valley ? I know the PH is all wrong, how often will we need to add amendment to change the PH? Thanks.
Q: We have a greenhouse made from recycled dual pane windows and doors. I have been using Neem oil weekly but still have insects eating the peppers and strawberries. In addition I have mildew growing on the wood ceiling and walls. Any suggestions?
Q: I didn’t get my Autumn sage and Russian sage pruned in the fall. When can I prune them now? I’m in the Dewey area. Thank you
Q: My houseplants always seem to have small flies (fruit flies?) that live in the soil. I repotted them all and the same problem persists. I have sprayed them several times also. What do you suggest? Leila
Q: What is the soil ph levelly like in the general Prescott area and are coffee grounds a good adjuster?
Q: What time of year is best to transplant a Blue Spruce? The previous owners of my house planted this tree in a space of less than two feet between the front of the garage and the sidewalk leading to the front door and right beside the driveway. I trim the branches away from the house and part of the walkway but it has reached the height of the eaves and I am concerned about the roots under the sidewalk and the driveway. I would like to move it to my back yard. I don’t know if it is even possible to safely transplant it given the limited space in which to dig. Thank you, Vickie
Q: I live in Chino Valley . The front house faces west, back faces east, which gets sun all day long. We have gophers so plan to grow vegetable garden in wine half barrels in back of house. What vegetables grow well here in this area? When should I start to plant vegetable garden?
Q: How often do I water in the winter for roses?