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Privacy Planting

  • If new neighbors are encroaching on your privacy we have just the solution.
  • At Watters we have an entire section of thick, bold plants dedicated to privacy.
  • Fall is the time to plant a new privacy hedge and we’re here as advisers.
  • Take a quick measurement and snap a picture before you visit and you’ll quickly be living in privacy once again.
  • Plus, our team of experts knows how to plant to increase plant growth next spring. We’ll show you how or do all the planting work for you.
Watters Garden Center, we know privacy in your backyard.



Barberry is most appreciated for its ability to withstand the worst conditions in garden soils, and I rate...


Smoke Bush

Smoke Bush is an interest mountain plant mostly planted in the summer for the flower that hovers above...


Burning Bush

In color and ready for autumn planting Burning Bush is most famous for it's burning red foliage that...



Silverberry grows wild through the mountains. It is best known for its evergreen toughness, ease of care, and...


Goldflame Spirea

Is deer and rabbit proof Spirea is an old-fashioned plant made popular by our grandparents, but it's still...


Boston Ivy

Boston Ivy is entirely different from English Ivy and is much brighter in the garden.  Related to its...


Virginia Creeper

Grows wild throughout Northern Arizona. It's tough enough to be used as a groundcover up broken hillsides, creeping...



Also, goes by the name of Heavenly Bamboo Yes, the evergreen leaves do resemble bamboo, but at our...


Grow-Low Sumac

Spreads like a groundcover over hillsides Sumac bushes are native throughout the mountains of Arizona.   They are so...

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