Watters has this romantic notion that gardeners like to be inspired, not only by the plants and the beauty they grow into, but also by the experiences while shopping here at the nursery. We want our customer to always feel welcome and assure her garden success. Our goal is to immerse our gardeners and appeal to all her senses.

“Two green thumbs up and worth joining. The information is perfect for our mountain seasons, and love the weekly garden videos.”

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Plant Of The Week

Regal Mist Grass

  • Autumn Grass in nice. Some are Plumestastic
  • Watters Regal Mist Grass is over the top Plumestastic
  • You can count on this local native to plume without care for years
  • These new arrivals are covered in knee-high pink plumes that withstand the feistiest of winds
  • At just $14.00 you can afford to use them as decorations with pumpkins and gourds at the front door
Watters Garden Center, 1815 Iron Springs Road in Prescott.  Where decorative grasses are absolutely Plumestastic
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    Barberry is most appreciated for its ability to withstand the worst conditions in garden soils, and I rate it as...

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    Smoke Bush

    Smoke Bush is an interest mountain plant mostly planted in the summer for the flower that hovers above the foliage...

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    Burning Bush

    In color and ready for autumn planting Burning Bush is most famous for it's burning red foliage that deepens in...

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    Silverberry grows wild through the mountains. It is best known for its evergreen toughness, ease of care, and fragrant spring...

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