About Us

The Family History

Watters Family Garden Center dates back to the 1950’s when Harold & Lorna Watters moved to Prescott with plans for a landscape business. With the family station wagon, a borrowed trailer and a few tools, the family was in business. Prescott’s first garden center opened just a few years later on Miller Valley Road. Watters’ began a second location across from the Prescott Bowling Alley and finally opened our current location in 1983. Since that time, we have been constantly changing, upgrading, remodeling, and building to keep Watters an exciting and enjoyable destination for gardeners.

As Harold and Lorna Watters retired the second generation owners stepped in. Ken &  Lisa Watters Lain have run the family business since the turn of this century with their children following closely in their footsteps.

“Our family owes much to the Prescott area and all the people who have worked so hard for us over the years”, Lisa.

Our Culture & Philosophy

The Objective – We inspire gardeners to have fun with plants.  The environment is almost therapeutic and worthy of a trip from near and far. Ken Lain, “We are not selling plants, but rather gardening experience.”

All About Character – We employ and train people of high character and ethics. In return, we provide a climate in which each team member is recognized as a worthy individual and a highly valued member of our store family.

Getting Involved – Watters supports many causes in the community and enjoys supporting the groups our customers, employees and owners are involved. Together, we can make this a better place to live.

Keep It Growing – We want to grow; it’s something we hold dear. Not so we can be the biggest garden center in the area, but without a doubt, the best!

Who Are We? Watters is a destination garden center focused on the very best products, styles and colors appropriate for the mountains of Arizona. New plants are carried as they come into bloom and look their best.

The Customer – We specialize in the best quality plants mixed with the best advice to help our clients grow right. We expect our customer to be successful and enjoy  their yard.

Let’s Compete – We compete head-to-head with other garden centers, box stores, building supply stores, drug stores, and supermarkets. Winning retailers study and know their competition. Our success has been built on constantly looking for new strengths that build us up and to keep Watters ahead.

We Need Others – We understand our vendors are essential to our success. We work to establish quality relationships with our growers, suppliers, distributors, importers and manufacturers; and maintain a healthy respect for those who help us.

Our Employees – We are partners with each other. That means caring about each other, being responsible together for all of the hard work that needs to happen. Our staff is the lifeblood and the reason behind our success!

Havin’ Fun – Watters is where you grow as an individual with knowledge and responsibility. We are a place with a sense of spirit built on communication, creativity, innovation and fun. If you are having fun, enthusiasm and spirit follow.