All Purpose Plant Food & Flower Power the Dynamic Duo of Mountain Soil

Our rocky mountain soil makes gardening a real challenge and we can all use every edge we can get to successfully grow vegetables, flowers and shrubs in this unforgiving climate.

Enter the dynamic duo to the rescue. Available exclusively at Watters Garden Center.

Available exclusively at Watters Garden Center, Prescott AZ
Available exclusively at Watters Garden Center, Prescott AZ

All Purpose Plant Food offers the meat and potatoes of the plant’s diet. Use at planting and then four times a year to provide sustainable feeding for lawns, plants, vegetables, shrubs & trees. In fact just about everything you plant will benefit All Purpose Plant Food.

Flower Power

Flower Power was described by the “Mountain Gardener” Ken Lain as the “Snickers bar for plants.” Use to give flowers and vegetables a boost that will perk up their blooms before a garden party and elsewhere around the garden. As always, follow the directions on the label.

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