All Purpose Plant Food

ONE simple food for the entire landscape.

Specifically formulated for our Northern Arizona soils, Watters All-Purpose Plant food is fertilizer you can trust around family, pets, and wildlife. Enjoy vivid flowers & roses, strong trees, vibrant evergreens, lush lawns, abundant vegetables that produce, and a landscape that just feels healthier. Save precious time by following the easy-to-use instructions: just sow the recommended amount around lawns, flowers, vegetables, trees, and shrubs and let it go to work! Use 4 times a year, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.


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Humic – Natural Based Soil Activator

For use on Stressed Plants, Vegetable Gardens, Flower Beds, Lawns & Compost Bins.

Humic Soil Activator is made from humates, very compressed plant, and animal matter dating back to prehistoric times. The product also contains trace amounts of minerals, as well as carbon, chlorophyll, protein and humic acid.

Humates help soil increase its water holding capacity and resist drought. Helps to aerate the soil, making it easier to work with heavy clay soils.

Not a fertilizer, but increases the effectiveness of your fertilizer.


Covers 2,000 Square Feet. Water in after application.