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Hired through Marketplace Chaplains USA

You can make a difference at Watters Garden Center

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Watters core mission is to share God’s love and beauty with our community. We do this by taking extra care of our staff, including their financial and mental well-being

Employee Care Service

As a Watters Chaplain, you provide personalized and proactive employee care through Chaplain Care Teams, neutral and strictly confidential from our company operations. Male, female and ethnically diverse chaplains make regularly scheduled worksite visits to the garden center.

Worksite Visits

Personalized, brief, regularly scheduled visits during strategic times, provide visibility, immediate access, and relationship building without interfering with work.

Offsite Visits and Care

The result of the proactive worksite visits is extended conversations with employees away from work, at a coffee shop, home, a restaurant, or in response to a need at a hospital, senior living community, or funeral home.

Connect Care

MyChap App is provided through proactive emails, newsletters, texts, and phone calls to connect Watters remote, mobile, offsite, working from home employees to our chaplains. We are here to make it easy for you and our team.  How it Works:)

The Watters family promotes our company Chaplains so she or he can share God’s love and care in the workplace. You are hired and trained not through Watters directly but directly through Marketplace Chaplains USA.  It really works.

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  • Excellent Chaplains
  • Exceptional Care
  • Every Employee

Part of a designated Chaplain care team

Available 24/7 for help with life issues and crisis events

Separate from the company


Employees choose if, when, where, and what they want to talk about

Available to all, regardless of background

Our Chaplain Care Teams meet regularly to encourage one another, share best practices, and receive additional training to deliver excellent care in today’s workplace!

We Believe, in rising early, working hard and fruits of our labor

We Believe, in family, church, community, and friendships

We Believe, watching hummingbirds and butterflies is better than TV

We Believe, bees are in danger and we can save them

We Believe, your garden should be natural, safe and organic

We Believe, in roses that smell like a rose

We Believe, in nurturing our customers as much as cultivating our plants

We Believe, in lilacs like grandma used to grow

We Believe, your backyard should be more comfortable than your living room

We Believe, fresh air is good for you

We Believe, we’re too busy and need to relax in the garden

We Believe, getting dirty is fun

We Believe, plants are healthy for our environment as much as your soul

We Believe, in integrity, respect and love for one another

We Believe, No One is a Failure who has Friends

We Believe, You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think

We Believe, Watters can fill the world with sunshine

We Believe, in the ‘Golden Rule’ – Do what is Right towards God, your Community, and, your Neighbor

Recruited directly through Marketplace chaplains


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Arizona/Las Vegas

Marketplace Chaplains

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