Single Leaf Pinion Pine
Single Leaf Pinion Pine
  • Thick, evergreen needles provide year-round beauty with summer shade to dry mountain landscapes but blend in equally well a modern or Mediterranean garden style.
  • Go ahead, enjoy the buttery rich pine nuts from your own back yard. You’ll have plenty.
  • Bold needles blend into natural mountain landscapes between Arizona’s blue and gray natives already growing in the yard.
  • Deer and Javelina proof with little water requirements once full rooted.

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How to Grow Pinion Pine

Lilly of the Valley in the landscape
Lily of the Valley
  • This gorgeous shrub loves growing in the summer shade of a Pinyon Pine.
  • This bold winter evergreen delights with dramatic firey growth in spring, producing clusters of fragrant flowers.
  • Exquisite wedding cake layers of white flowers hover on graceful, arching stems most of winter and spring.
  • The easy-care rounded form stands out with shiny foliage all winter, opening to white bell-shaped blooms in spring.
  • This knee-high shrub is utterly detestable to all deer and Javelina.

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How to Grow Lily of the Valley




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These Plants are the Perfect February Companions

Peony Plant in the Landscape
  • Your grandmother would fall in love with these larger varieties with so many colors to choose from.
  • There’s nothing like the enormous flowers to add vibrant stunning pops of color.
  • Endearing springtime blooms are more than fragrant with luscious double flowers.
  • Perfect for cut flowers in a spring bouquet.
  • These hard mountain varieties take the brutal sun, wind for decades of perennial enjoyment.
  • Deer are Javelina will ignore these peony beauties.

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How to Grow Peony


Calgary Carpet Juniper
Calgary Carpet Juniper
  • Rich green mounds of juniper beauty only grow ankle-high for the perfect mountain ground cover.
  • An ideal choice for low water, low care erosion control on natural banks where monsoon run-off is a problem.
  • The perfect green nestled between boulders or soften the top edge of a masonry retaining wall.
  • Ideally used to add color and style next to a barren rock lawn through the winter months.
  • Junipers are always naturally welcome in Japanese gardens or pruned into creative bonsai forms.

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How to Grow Calgary Carpet Juniper