Penta in a pink pot

Butterflies cannot resist the sweet nectar produced by the large clusters of starry flowers on super sturdy stems. This pretty little flower loves heat, wind, and afternoon heat with minimal care to keep the flowers coming. The large clusters of vibrant, star-shaped flowers area stunning choice for vivid color in pots and raised beds. A superb flower that outperforms others as long as it’s hot.

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Blue Bird Rose of Sharon
Rose of Sharon

Breathtaking large blue flowers are adorned with lacy centers to create anemone-like blooms. Each stem of this hardy hibiscus is packed with numerous buds. This vigorous head high shrub offers late-season color for hedges and perennial or shrub borders. Blooms continuously over a long season, and rarely sets seeds. Makes a beautiful informal hedge or screen, and is easily trained into a small tree. Available Prescott colors show in blue, purple, white, red, and pink for years of enjoyment.

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These Plants are the Perfect June Companions

Prescott Flowering Pear
Prescott Flowering Pear
  • This exquisite flowering tree starts spring with dazzling white flowers.
  • Summer shade is created by thick dark green foliage that is the last tree to turn brilliant red in Autumn, even the winter bark is attractive.
  • Ideal summer tree for lawns, lining driveways, and specimens in small spaces.
  • Even in the most challenging soil grows 30’x15′.

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Portulaca tolerates the blazing sun, where the neon flowers attract butterflies. Available in red, orange, violet, white, and pink. Great for containers, rock gardens, between sunny stepping-stones, or any hot, dry garden space where nothing else grows. The brighter, the better!

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Crape Myrtle

Intense watermelon-pink, solar reds, and LED whites cover this heat-loving bloomer during the late-summer lull in the garden. Use as an accent or to cover unattractive views on a small scale. Plant where you can enjoy its beautiful multicolored bark and sinuous branches up close. The flowers show against forest green foliage that turns red and orange in autumn. Growing to just head height, every yard has room for at least one, and only available for summer planting.

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