Prescott Flowering Pear
Prescott Flowering Pear
  • This exquisite flowering tree starts spring with dazzling white flowers.
  • Summer shade is created by thick dark green foliage that is the last tree to turn brilliant red in Autumn, even the winter bark is attractive.
  • Ideal specimen tree for lawns, lining driveways, and specimens in small spaces.
  • Even in the most challenging soil grows 30’x15′

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How to Grow Flowering Pear

English Ivy - Close Up
English Ivy
  • The only evergreen vine that stays green in shady gardens.
  • Large lustrous foliage stays waxed green through winter, forming a lush blanketing groundcover under large shrubs and trees.
  • Quickly climbs walls, pillars, arbors, and fences without support.
  • One of the best vines uses is dangling from the edges of hanging pots and baskets or cascading off the edges of tall urns planted with upright fillers.

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How to Grow English Ivy





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These Plants are the Perfect November Companions

Ice Angel Camelia
Ice Angel Camelia
  • Vivid rose-colored blossoms reach 2-3 inches wide with petals radiating out from a center of contrasting golden stamens.
  • Ice Angel Camellia deserves front yard stature or admired on a patio or deck.
  • Brings glossy foliage and elegance under dull shade trees.
  • Well adapted to the acidic soils beneath oaks, native junipers, and maples.
  • Grows 4’x4′ and loves shade gardens, containers, and raised beds.

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How to Grow Camelia


Vanderwolf Pine
Vanderwolf Pine
  • Vanderwolf is related to Arizona Pinion Pine by produces fluffy foliage that resembles a blue Cedar from a distance.
  • It is remarkably resilient in dry Arizona soils. Makes a very graceful single specimen for front yards, parks, or expansive estate-sized landscape
  • This distinctive pine grows 12’x5′ with long, twisted, silvery-blue needles covering the dense branches.
  • Carefree and easy to grow.

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How to Grow Vanderwolf Pine