Spicy Cheryl Mum
  • Watters best-selling mum for its super long bloom time and local garden hardiness.
  • This garden variety glows yellow with a halo of fiery orange around each daisy-like flower.
  • These big, bold perennials are perfectly shaped and add color in autumn when few flowers are in peak bloom.
  • Mums prefer autumn planting and love showing off in containers surrounded by Prescott Pansies
Prescott Blaze Maple
  • Extreme growth of 3 feet or more each year.
  • The fall color glows like embers in a blazing hot fire, thus the name.
  • There is no better maple to plant.
  • It loves mountain soil, extreme conditions, and takes our wind better than all other shade trees.
  • Perfect for patios, hot sunny walls, street, and driveway trees or anyplace shaded relief is needed.
  • These trees are showing off their stuff at the garden center in spectacular blazing reds now.




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These Plants are the Perfect October Companions

Compact Burning Bush
Compact Burning Bush
  • A neat, well-behaved shrub prized for its blazing red foliage in Fall.
  • Just now turning its autumn colors at the garden center.
  • Looks great when planted with autumn gold natives like sumac, lilac, and gold euonymus.
  • At 6′, this bush makes a natural hedge that burns red now.
  • Sensational as a wild garden accent where more interest and color is needed.

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How to Grow Burning Bush


  • Good fences make good neighbors, but fences can be downright ugly.
  • This local vine is specially selected to dress up those miles of stockade fence.
  • A mountain vine with rich green foliage turns fire engine red through October with blue fruit accents.
  • When spaced at 8′ intervals, this fast-growing vine covers a boring fence within a season.
  • Plant red walls of beauty that are both deer and javelina PROOF!

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How to Grow Virginia Creeper


Ornamental Kale
Glamour Red Kale
  • Few Flowers are more elegant in Fall than this Watters select variety.
  • The subdued fall tones are perfect for containers, beds, and borders.
  • And it’s so easy to grow!
  • As unique Prescott Selections is an award-winner for cold hardiness, intense red-purple coloring in the frilly package.
  • Matures to 1′ foot tall and wide.

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How to Grow Kale and Ornamental Cabbage

Red Fox Sedge
  • Striking clumps of red foliage fade to flax, giving off a warm glow at sunset.
  • This versatile sedge thrives in wet areas around fountains and water gardens, yet equally happy in dry conditions.
  • An attractive foliage effect in container gardens, perennial beds, and fountain accents.
  • A good choice in poorly drained pockets along dry streambeds and beside large landscape boulders.

How to Grow Sedge