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09/11/2015 | Ken Davis Plant Care, Uncategorized

Ken Lain has been gardening for decades throughout the highlands of Arizona. He has grown thousands of plants in his own gardens and killed a good many along the way. He writes from experience and keeps skills honed by working with new homeowners through the family garden center, identifying plants and problems, and helping friends become confident gardeners.


Ken is the owner of Watters Garden Center, a retail nursery in Prescott, Arizona. He’s a longtime master gardener, certified nursery professional and winner of the prestigious Ken 2012 picMediumRevolutionary 100 by Garden Center Magazines.

He co-host a radio show ,The Mountain Gardeners, with his garden bride of 27 years, Lisa Watters Lain.   Their local garden advice is broadcast throughout Arizona with radio stations broadcasting from Prescott, to the river country, all the way to the White Mountains.

Ken is a long time member of the Garden Writers Association.  His writing has been featured in newspapers and magazines nationwide, with interviews for National Public Radio, numerous articles, blogs and columns.


His new book, “The Complete Guide to Mountain Fruit Trees” is a year round resource based on hands-in-the-dirt experience, a wealth of skill building tutorials and fruit varieties specific to mountain gardening.


Ken’s first book, “Natives and the Low Maintenance Landscape Book”  highlights some of his favorite easy to grow natives off grid to most highland gardeners, and how to take care of these gardens without the hassle.  Gardening with less weeds, less water and less care is within reach of local gardeners.


Ken Lain quote,  “Gardening is universal across the ages.  In an every busy, ever connected world, gardening is the ultimate luxury. Nature combines all the senses and never runs out of delights and surprises. Sure, there are disappointments, but there’s always next season. Gardening combines the generations allowing moments of togetherness, rest and a time to reconnect.  There’s always something to look forward to and something to learn. I’ve never met another gardener who wasn’t enthusiastic and generous with their knowledge. That’s what I enjoy most – sharing my garden skills and woes with other garden zealots.”

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