Monsoon Madness Sale

Monsoon Madness

‘Monsoon Madness’, ‘Sizzling Summer’, however, the sales are billed, this is the time to watch your local garden centers for end-of-season bargains. These sales are necessary to clear out the passing season’s plants to make room for shipments of new fall stock. Here at Watters Garden Center, we call this annual clearing-out our ‘Monster Monsoon Sale’. It lasts through a couple of weekends as the “new” trees and shrubs arrive. It’s the wise gardener who takes advantage of some irresistibly good bargains.

The best savings of the year are to be had in the next few weeks. Expect at least 25% to as much as 65% off. (I’ve been known to give away plants when I know they’re going to a good home!)

Ken Lain Head Shot
Ken Lain

Scoop up the deals as early as possible. Because savvy gardeners know to take advantage of these between-season sales, the limited quantities go fast. If you’ve been considering a landscape addition to create more seasonal excitement in the garden, now is the time. Labor Day is the official start of fall planting in our area, and that means that there are two months left of our growing season. Whether planting some of the past season’s stock or new arrivals, the plants have plenty of time to develop extensive root systems before winter. A perennial’s chance at success definitely is increased when planted during the monsoon season. Many that bloom in late summer and autumn are especially happy when planted this time of year. With the exception of mums, nurseries DO NOT want any perennial plants left as they transition into the autumn planting season. So, if the plant you want isn’t on sale, ask for a discount. Nurseries are remarkably receptive to giving you “a deal”, especially when you offer to take home more than one plant.