Personal Brand and Content Marketing with Ken Lain

04/25/2017 | Ken Davis PodCast - Mountain Gardener

In this episode, Ken Lain, aka “The Mountain Gardener” from Watters Garden Center, shares with us his fascinating approach to establishing his business brand with the influence of his own personal brand he passionately developed with various creative ideas and through diverse local media outlets. Learn how competition from big corporate brands and other life events drove Ken to clearly define a brand strategy to remain connected and establish strong ties with the community. Ken also shares how effective content marketing has been in the development of his personal brand and recognizes it as a viable platform to share his story and that of his business.

Authenticity and knowing how to get your message out are both steps in the right direction for the prosperity of your business. Ken encourages us to infuse your personality, your passion into our business marketing, to build trust with our customers and pride with our employees; but most importantly to reach out and network, because at the end of the day, people want to do business with people.

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