Our Best Monsoon Madness Deals are Almost Gone

08/25/2021 | Ken Davis

Monsoon Sale Sign

  • These sales are necessary to clear out the passing season’s plants to make room for shipments of new fall stock. Here at Watters Garden Center, we call this annual clearing-out our ‘Monsoon Madness Sale’. It lasts through a couple of weekends as the “new” trees and shrubs arrive. It’s the wise gardener who takes advantage of some irresistibly good bargains.
  • The best savings of the year are to be had in the next few weeks. Expect at least 25% to as much as 65% off. (I’ve been known to give away plants when I know they’re going to a good home!)
  • Scoop up the deals as early as possible. Because savvy gardeners know to take advantage of these between-season sales, the limited quantities go fast.