Watters Garden Center Makes Recycling Flower Pots Easier

01/31/2017 Ken Lain, mountain gardener

Prescott’s Largest Garden Center Moves to Recycled Color-packs


Watters Garden Centers has made the switch to color-packs made from 100% recycled beverage bottles in all packs sold through their retail nursery. This “bottle pack” is the first to include a number 1 chasing arrow on the packaging and can be recycled when put directly into blue recycle trash cans. Watters is the first retailer in Prescott to make this move to a 100% post consumer recycled color-packs, and committed to helping the environment one step at a time.

“My father taught the importance of our environment, shopping small and keeping it local” says Ken Lain, owner of Watters Garden Center. “Growing in containers that can be recycled just makes sense, and one of the best things we can do for our customers and our community.”

The bottle pack in partnership with Five Boro Plastics uses a clean energy process which lessens the impact on our environment.  “We’ve really tried to make the recycling process easy.” says Ken Lain.  After purchasing and transplanting flowers from the color-pack, customers can now recycle their flower packs in blue recycle bins or take it to a local recycling center. In 2006 Watters launched another recycle program allowing consumers to drop off their used nursery containers directly to the garden center, and Watters will sort and recycle containers for you.  Either way the environment wins.

Understanding that consumers have busy lives but also want to help the environment, Watters offers their customers these Eco-friendly solutions like the recycled bottle packs, biodegradable bags, composted office products, drought-resistant plants, non-GMO vegetables and organically-grown herbs in biodegradable pots.  Ken Lain, “The garden center has always been green, but we look for ways to be even better stewards of what we’ve been given.  This is one more step in the right direction.”