Freeze Warning above 4500 foot Elevation

10/25/2020 Ken Davis

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  Freeze Warning above 4500 foot Elevation

October 25, 2020, Prescott, Arizona

Frost on TomatoesSevere Frost Alert!  Killing frost can damage summer plants through Tuesday night. Ensure plants are hydrated thoroughly. Reduce damage by covering vegetable plants, basil, and frost-sensitive flowers like marigold, zinnia, and geraniums.

Protecting Plants from a Frost

Cover Them – There’s nothing we can do to stop frosts and freezes from happening, but we can minimize the damage done to plants. For the next three nights, cover plants to keep cold air off. N-Sulate Frost Cover is designed for this event. Still, any breathable material works like old sheets, burlap, even a used Amazon box. Allow your plants to see the sun during the day when temperatures are above 32 degrees. Keep their covering close at hand. You can be sure more advisories are to come!

Water Them – It may sound counter-intuitive, but water insulates. Wet soil retains 4x times more heat than dry ground. Water sprayed directly on plants forms a layer of ice that protects the foliage underneath. Spraying only works for frost. Don’t push your luck and try this during a hard freeze.

Some plants like the cold. Don’t worry about winter vegetables like kale, cabbage, lettuce, and the like; flavors will become even richer after this expected cold snap. Flowering Pansy, viola, and snapdragon will also benefit from this severe cold snap and do not need protection.

Newly planted trees and shrubs benefit from a deep soak but will not need any kind of protective cover.

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