Watters Sustainability Statement

01/31/2017 Ken Lain, mountain gardener

kens with flowersOngoing Commitment: As part of Watters ongoing commitment to improving our environment we practice sustainable growth – meeting the needs of the present without comprising future generation’s ability to meet their own needs. We support growers and others who share our concerns and promise towards ‘green’ solutions to the reduction of greenhouse gas, energy consumption and post consumer waste.

Organic Alternatives: We offer safe solutions for pest and disease control through organic plant foods, compost and all natural pest controls. We even use ladybugs in the garden center through spring and bring enough in for customers to use in their own yard.  We do not spray chemicals on our edible plants including herbs.  When needed, we use low impact organics on the rest of our nursery plants and only when needed.

Reuse, Renew & Recycle: We recycle pots, baskets, flats and more. By recycling we can extend the life of a grower’s pot by 4 years. We also recycle soda cans, cardboard and other recyclables throughout our garden center.

Drought Hardy Plants: We offer a wide selection of hardy local plants designed to reduce the need for fertilizer, sprays, and water for easier care by our customers. These plants also provide support for beneficial insects such as bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. We encourage, educate and support homeowners and their reduction of turf with ornamental grasses, hardy perennials, groundcovers and other water-wise alternatives.

Green Building: We’ve replaced outdated fiberglass on our greenhouses and replaced it with new, polycarbonate sheeting. This eliminates any possible chemical hazards and decreases our demand for energy. We have also installed new, state of the art, heating systems that decreases our demand for energy, thereby conserving fuel.  In the summer the saw tooth designed greenhouses use rolling sidewalls that work with nature to draw in cool air reducing our cooling energy use.

Plant a Tree: At Watters family Garden Center we feature the right selection of environmentally friendly shade and evergreens trees.  A trees shade reduces utility bills for air conditioning in residential and commercial buildings by 15-50 percent.  Trees are a ‘low-tech’ solutions that is all natural to cooler summer temperatures.  In winter trees reduce wind that eats at a home’s heating bill.  This means less need to build additional dams, power plants, and nuclear generators. Trees greatly reduce carbon, noise levels, and water runoff while improving air quality.  It just makes sense to plant more trees.

Ken & Lisa Lain, owners

Watters Garden Center