Rotary Host 11th Annual Grapes 4 Grades Party at Watters

05/18/2016 | Ken Lain, mountain gardener News, Press Release, Testimonial, Uncategorized

Rotary International has been supporting the PUSD Math and Reading Program for 36 year now, but this year is different. In 1981, Rotary member Chuck Pfeiffer, came up with a bold idea to help children keep their skills up through our long summer breaks, and it’s made a difference. Sanford Cohen, local radio station owner says, “I’ve been reading to the kids during their summer program for over 20 years now and see the direct result Rotary is having.”aaDSC01480

It was 11 years ago when the Prescott Frontier Rotary approached Ken and Lisa Lain, owners of Watters Garden Center, about hosting a garden party at their nursery. The big idea was live music, fine wines, gourmet foods and the beautiful garden settings at Watters Garden Center. ‘The idea of a wine tasting was novel back in 2004, and has it ever grown” say Rex Townsend, Rotary president. “The community has rallied around the ideas of Rotary as a community service club and their ideals of ‘Service above Self’ and supporting our local school children.”

On June 26th Frontier Rotary will host their 11th annual ‘Grapes 4 Grapes’ event at Watters Garden Center and all are welcome to join us. “We are so proud of the PUSD school work being done the club has already donated $15,000 to this years Math & Reading Clinic in anticipation of this years fundraiser.” says Rotary event chair, Mary Jane Fusinski. “We also hope to support Rotaries other causes like eliminating Polio from the planet. We have pledged some of the funds raised to a matching grants from Rotary Internationals polio fund, and the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. We are so close to wiping out polio for good. Only a few pocket of Polia left and we have local clubs working to eliminate this disease from Afghanistan, Africa and remaining parts of Pakistan. We do a lot of good with this one night of garden fun.”

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Frontier Rotary is an energetic group of local business owners and managers looking to give back to thier community, our country and the world as a whole. “At our core Rotary stands for world peace through international student exchanges, making sure polio is gone as a threat globally, with a new directive of clean drinking water for the planet” say Dr. Steve Meyers, Rotary member. “with 1.6 million members serving in 33,000 clubs, in every country in the world, Rotary can impact global issues
like these.”aa DSC01359 

Lisa and I look for ways to give back to our community. We give heavily through our church, through our business here at Watters Garden Center, but with Rotary we have a direct global impact, and we see the difference,” Say Ken Lain, Watters owner and Rotary member. “I would invite like minded business leaders to join us every Tuesday at Casa Bonita here in Prescott. We meet at noon every Tuesday to learn about our community, receive global updates and find ways to serve beyond ourselves. A garden party is a natural extension and the energy of our Rotary club.”DSC01361aa

Prescott Frontier Rotary meets every Tuesday, noon, at Casa Bonita, 1317 E Gurley St, Prescott, AZ 86301, and can be viewed at or reached via phone at 603-496-5809. Tickets & Sponsorship Available Online