Arbor Day and the Top 10 Blooming Trees

04/30/2021 Ken Davis

Magnificent blooming trees are the talk of the town every spring! You will be an expert on the best ornamental bloomers for our mountain climate. Learn which trees are fast-growing, give the best shade and the lowest maintenance varieties. Watters’…

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New Flower Introductions for 2021

04/23/2021 Ken Davis

It was a long mountain winter, and we’re all ready for color in the garden! We’ve hand-picked the finest flowers from our favorite farms to go and grow in your garden. Choose, combine, and create beds bursting with blossoms with…

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Herbs and Vegetables – Garden to Table!

04/16/2021 Ken Davis

This fun-filled class has everything edible for the garden this spring! We’ll cover the best heirloom varieties to local favorites, and highlight soil preparation, best practices, and care. It’s the start of the planting season, and Watters is loaded with…

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Lilacs and Better Fragrant Gardens

04/09/2021 Ken Davis

Lilacs are a timeless treasure bringing a sweet scent, beautiful blooms, and popular pollinators to any garden. Lilacs have come a long way from your grandmother’s garden, with new colors, shapes, sizes, and fragrances for the style of any gardener.…

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Growing Better Peonies this Spring

04/02/2021 Ken Davis

Power to the Peony! Perennial Peonies are robust, ball-shaped blooms that slowly unfurl into a gorgeous cloud-like shape each Spring. In the mountains of Arizona, peonies are prolific, fragrant, and stunning bloomers that thrive with proper care and placement. This…

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Gardening 101 – Proper Planting in Mountain Soils

03/27/2021 Ken Davis

Our family business has been planting in northern Arizona for more than 50 years! This class is passing on our tips and trade techniques straight from the experts to YOU. We’ll take an in-depth look at how to be successful…

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Evergreen Landscapes and Bark Beetle Prevention

03/20/2021 Ken Davis

Our mountain landscapes are often blessed with evergreens such as Ponderosa and Pinon Pines. There are many other companion conifers that add color and texture to the landscape while providing shade from our Arizona sun and screening from our neighbor’s…

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59th Spring Open House with 2021 New Plant Introductions

03/13/2021 Ken Davis

Bring on Spring!! Our Saturday Garden Class will be part of a weekend-long event including our plant experts, special guest speakers, and gorgeous new plants! Talk directly with the growers and touch this year’s exclusive plant introductions you’ll find only…

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Spring To-Do List for Better Gardens

03/06/2021 Ken Davis

Finally, a To-Do list you’ll actually enjoy! We’re all ready for warmer weather, and so are our gardens. This class discusses all the garden “P’s”:  Preparation, Prevention, Protection, and Pruning. Warmer weather awakens not just our dormant plants, but the…

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Evergreens that Bloom Early

02/27/2021 Ken Davis

Evergreens aren’t just pine trees–there are plants that keep their leaves and stay green year-round, and they bloom, too! We’ll cover the latest and greatest evergreens that not only anchor the landscape with winter foliage, but ones that provide, flowers,…

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