Juicier Fruits, Grapes & Berries

07/12/2019 Ken Davis

Central Yavapai county is famous for our wine grapes but you can grow so much more.  We will have experts on hand that can share the best-producing raspberries, a blackberry bush that produces HUGE berries, more table grapes, gooseberries, currants,…

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Great Grapes for the Garden

07/14/2018 Ken Davis

Grapes are not only delicious in many different types of foods and wines, they can be used as beautiful privacy screens and garden accents. Join guest instructor and self-proclaimed “Grape Nerd” Viticulturist Nikki Check for a fun and information packed…

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Knowing When Fruit is Ready to Harvest

07/23/2015 Ken Davis

By Ken Lain, the mountain gardener Most tree fruits release a sweet scent into the air when their fruits are ready to taste, but it’s very hard to gauge the exact moment of peak ripeness. Times will vary year by…

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