It’s Time to Fertilize

03/25/2016 Ken Davis

To Assure the Greatest Success with Your Plants, Shrubs, Trees & Lawns it is Recommended that they be Fertilized 3 Times a Year with Our Watters All Purpose Plant Food 7-4-4. The Easiest way to remember is the holidays that fall…

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Our Lawn Looks Pretty Good After This Summer. Can I Get By Without Feeding It?

10/24/2015 Ken Davis

NO WAY, JOSE! Don’t let the lawn looking pretty good after the summer fool you into not doing anything to it for the fall. I would guess you have some thin areas that could use some over seeding. If you…

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Colors to Boost Your Backyard BBQ

11/23/2012 Ken Lain, mountain gardener

The most festive outdoor American holiday is this weekend! It’s a time spent with a backyard BBQ, friends, family, fireworks, parades, and more. The backyard needs to look its best, yet getting it ready for a special occasion can be…

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Tips to Great Flowers

11/13/2012 Ken Lain, mountain gardener

Mother’s Day weekend is the time when blooming plants really start to color our flower gardens. If you have struggled to keep plants alive and blooming maybe there is something you haven’t realized. That is that you are not buying…

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Heat Loving Plants and Vibrant Lawns

07/21/2012 Ken Lain, mountain gardener

It’s been ages since the last spring snow when it seemed as if our pansies would keep blooming forever. These days, working the garden during the heat of the day, you end up as hot and sweaty as your uncle’s…

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10 Easy Steps to Fall Mastery

10/01/2011 Ken Lain, mountain gardener

It’s time to make out and start checking off items from that fall gardening to-do list. These are things I do every fall; my aim is to complete all ten items by the end of October. Today’s column lists these…

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Aspen & That Perfect Lawn

09/03/2011 Ken Lain, mountain gardener

H-O-T is the only way to describe the west walls of our homes during the afternoon hours in Arizona’s mountains. That baking sun can roast western exposure plants in and the A/C bills can skyrocket. This was the situation at…

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