Enjoy a Brighter Fall Garden in 5 September Steps

09/24/2021 Ken Davis

by Ken Lain, the mountain gardener What should I do to my garden in the fall? Fall vegetable gardening. When should I start my fall garden cleanup? Autumn gardening tips. How do you enrich garden soil in Autumn? Preparing the…

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Vinegar as an Herbicide?

03/12/2016 Ken Davis

By Ken Lain, the mountain gardener This week there has been a trending question at the garden center; so when Christy from Chino Valley asked, “Can I use Vinegar as an Organic Weed control?” I thought the topic worth reviewing.…

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9 Essential Tasks for March Gardeners

02/26/2015 Ken Lain, mountain gardener

There are a couple of benefits to planting larger growing conifers before April. The first is that, knowing that garden centers stock up early for the spring planting season, informed gardeners buy early. This guarantees cream-of-the-crop selections before the general…

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9 Easy Steps Towards Spring

11/23/2012 Ken Lain, mountain gardener

Before I get into gardening I have to tell you that Yavapai Regional Medical Center is awesome! Lisa and I had to spend most of Wednesday at the hospital fixing her broken arm. (If you recall, I mentioned that she…

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Routine and Razzle Dazzle

11/16/2012 Ken Lain, mountain gardener

Finally! The monsoons have arrived over most of the state. Before cheering when you hear “50% chance of rain”, you need to remember what that forecast really means in the mountains of Arizona: The weatherman is telling you that half…

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Spring Essentials, Get Ready

11/14/2012 Ken Lain, mountain gardener

Spring break at the Lains’ casa is a chance to wrap up spring gardening tasks and to kick off the first planting season. These are things I do every spring to get ready for the growing season, and they don’t…

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No Weeds, No Bugs, No Problem

07/14/2012 Ken Lain, mountain gardener

Summer brings Russian sage in all its glory. However, it is so happy in mountain landscapes that this stunningly dramatic plant can get out of control or become difficult to maintain. That violet color also can seem overdone and overbearing…

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Weeds and Aspens: Stars of Monsoon Madness

08/06/2011 Ken Lain, mountain gardener

The first day of school usually ushers in nurserymen’s harvests of early fall crops. So, watch for the dusty millers and luscious snapdragons and dianthus that are the openers of this ‘tidal wave’ of autumn beauties. Their eye-catching colors are…

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