Tomatoes Birds Eating Fruit

I have several tomato plants and as soon as one of the tomatoes get red and ripe almost ready to pick something comes along and takes bites out of it. I am pretty sure it 08_29 tomato-damaged-by-birdsis birds because it happens all day long. I will have a great looking tomato almost ready to pick in the morning then go out in the afternoon and it will have bite marks on it. How can I stop them? What kind of birds eat tomatoes?

Answer – birds!! They love tomatoes. I even covered my tomatoes with small netting all the way to the ground and put rocks on the edges around the bottom. They found one small opening and squeezed under, hit each ripe tomato once or twice and I saw him (her) come back out and fly away. I love to watch the little thieves, so I started leaving one or two tomatoes uncovered just for the birds. Since doing that I have had very few damaged tomatoes on my plants. We both get our tomatoes!