August 10 – Keeping Critters Out (Free)

02/24/2013 | Ken Lain, mountain gardener In the Garden

javalina 2Saturday (9:30 – 10:30) The animals can have a ferocious appetite in the landscape, but not in your landscape. These simple steps will keep critters at bay.  We will take special care to show only plants the furry locals are known to dislike, some may even have a repelling presence to them.

2 Replies to “August 10 – Keeping Critters Out (Free)”

  1. I put a pot of geraniums out a week ago – “ALL” flowers and buds (not foliage) were completely gone this morning (and whatever critter it is likes my roses.

    Thanks, Brenda

    1. Sounds like pack rats on the geraniums, and deer eating the roses. Homes with heavy animal pressure apply ‘Animal Stopper’ to the foliage whenever planting. This should be your standard M.O. when planting outside.


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